How to use a transistor as a switch, bias forward, forward, reverse bias, reverse, NPN, PNP, light sensor, heat sensor, thermistor.
Transistor as Switch; Transistor name is taken from the word transfer and resistor. This semi-conductor material comes from the ingredients of germanium, indium, and arsenic or silicon. These atoms themselves include materials that do not drain electricity, so they include the type of insulator or resistor.

After experiencing the smelting process, a mixture is formed which is called P-N junction. This mixture has a half-nature to conduct electric current or semiconductors. That is why the results of this mixture is often called semiconductors. So this semiconductor or transistor results from the mixing of the type of P-N junction and N-P junction.

PN + NP becomes PNP
NP + PN becomes NPN

When two types of P atoms and N junction are combined, a new material is formed called Transistor. So the transistor is formed from materials:

Below this shows the symbol of a PNP Transistor and an NPN Transistor.

Using a transistor as a switch.
Transistors can be used as electrical switches. For example, NPN type D313 transistor are used.

In the above circuit, the foot of the transistor base is connected to the ground or given a refractive bias. In this case, the transistor is cut offed. The collector foot with emitter legs are not connected so the light will not live.

In the next circuit, the feet of the transistors are connected with + volt or forwarded bias. In this case, the transistor is in a cut state. The collector's foot with the emitter foot is connected so the light will live.

For PNP type transistors have the opposite work. The transistors will be cut off if forwarded bias and will be cut on if given a refractive bias.

It's simple enough to make a switch circuit using a transistor. This circuit can be applied to a series of sensors such as for dusk (light sensor) or as a temperature controller (heat sensor) using a 

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