Hand grinding machine is a multi-functional electrical equipment. Not only for polishing irregular iron surfaces, but also can be used for ceramics, stone, walls or wood. To work on a variety of things it is necessary to adjust the type of grinding wheel used. If the grinding wheel is used that is not in accordance with its function, it is very likely that the results are not good but will also damage the grinding wheel or the object being grinding.

The following is a description of the types of grinding wheels and their use.

Grinding Wheels Sharpened

Sharpening grinder wheels are also called Grinding Wheel. This grinding wheel has a rough and hard texture that serves to erode the metal surface. The results of erosion using these grinding wheels are still rough and need re-erosion with finer grinding wheels so that the results are satisfactory.

Cut Grinding Wheels

Cut or grinding wheel serves to cut metal. Cutout results are neater when compared to using flexible grinding wheels. Cutting grinders can be used to scrape the metal but because it is thin, the grinding wheel can be broken if you use too much pressure.

Wood Grinding Wheels

Wood grinding or circular saw is used to cut wood. Wood that can be cut by hand grinding only wood with a maximum thickness of 20mm.

Wheel Grinding Sponge

Sponge grinding wheels are used to smooth and polish the surface of stone, marble and granite.

Grinding Wheels Polish

This grinding wheel is used to polish the paint material and has been coated with clear coat.

Wheels of Grinder Woven

Woven grinding wheels are almost the same as grinding sponges but on different media, stainless steel and aluminum.

Wheel Grinding Brush

Brush grinding or steel wire brush is a grinding wheel with a steel brush. These grinding wheels are used to remove the crust or rust found on metal surfaces, scrape paint on metal or wood, or paint on walls.

Sandpaper Grinding Wheels

Sandpaper grinding wheels have sandpaper-shaped surfaces arranged stacked. This grinding wheel is used to polish oxidized metal surfaces or to smooth the wood surface. The scraping results using sandpaper grinding wheels are smoother when compared to using brush grinding wheels, but the strength of the erosion is smaller. This grinding wheel is used for finishing on metal or wood work.

Flexible Grinding Wheels

Flexible grinding wheels are also called flexible discs. As the name implies, these grinding wheels are not stiff so they can reach a narrow surface. Very good to use in making trellises that have a complicated shape. This grinding wheel can be used to cut metal but the results are not good. When cutting, the grinding wheel will sway so that the cut part will be wider.

Wheel Grinding Ceramics

Ceramic grinding wheels are used to cut ceramics by builders. By using this grinding tool, the ceramic can be cut to the desired pattern.

Wall Grinding Wheels

Wall grinding wheels are used to scrape the surface of the wall or make certain patterns.

There are so many functions of hand grinding to help with daily activities. Maybe this is a must-have tool for people who like tinkering with things. The use of hand grinding is very easy, but we must know how to use the hand grinding properly. Use the appropriate work safety device.

Hopefully this article can be useful.

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