Making street lights, garden lights, or porch lights that will live at night and die during the day automatically will really help us to always turn the switch on and off every morning and evening. In addition, if we are traveling until night, the lights will automatically turn on. How is it done? Let's discuss together.

To turn on and turn off the lights automatically during the day and night we can use electrical equipment that has been sold. Because the life and death of the lamp matches the light or dark environment, we just use a circuit with a light sensor or LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The first way is by using automatic fittings. This method is very easy to do, even for people who are still unfamiliar with electrical installations. The shape of this automatic fitting is shown in the figure below.

This fitting has a light sensor that is connected by a cable. The light will turn on if the sensor is not exposed to light (dark conditions) and will die if exposed to light (bright conditions). Installation of these fittings by placing a light sensor by clamping on the part that is not directly exposed to the light that is turned on. The sensor can be placed right on top of the lamp and the position of the sensor is facing up (back to the lamp) so that if the light is on, the sensor will not be exposed to the light from the lamp. The installation example is shown in the image below.


This automatic lamp fittings will not be able to be used for large loads. If we use a large lamp load (more than 100 Watts) then we must use a larger automatic circuit. The shape is of several kinds as shown in the image below.

Although it has a different form but the function and installation remain the same. This sensor has three cables in red, black and white. The red cable is connected to the lamp phase. The black cable is connected to the power source phase. The white cable is connected to neutral. How to install cables is shown in the image below.

Be careful when installing because the circuit uses high voltage. Make sure the voltage source is turned off during installation. Use cables and connection insulation that are in accordance with the installation requirements. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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