AC is Not Cold, Compressor is Not Running

What if when you turn on the air conditioner, the air conditioner cannot cool the room. Even though in the indoor unit there is wind, but the wind is not cold. Of course this will make us uncomfortable. Here will be discussed about the problems in AC split if there is damage to the overload component.

Overload is an AC electrical component that serves to protect the compressor from overheating. At room temperature 25oC, the bimetallic overload will open its contacts, when an electric current is applied:

Ø  4 times FLA (Full Load Ampere) after 10 – 30 seconds

Ø  5.5 times FLA (Full Load Ampere) after 3 – 10 seconds

AC is Not Cold, Compressor is Not Running
The overload is placed outside in the hottest part of the hermatic compressor housing. Compressor temperature becomes high (hot) can be caused by:

-           Lack of cooling from refrigerants

-           Friction arises (reduced oil)

-           Heavy compressor load (stuffed system or excess refrigerant)

-           Incorrect voltage

-           High and long starting amperage

Overload will only work by cutting off electricity, if a high temperature arises or the amperage becomes high.

"By using overload, does not guarantee that the electric motor can not be burned"

Overload damage causes compressor work to be disrupted, here are some damage to overload:

Overload Disconnect

If the overload breaks it will result in the compressor not being able to work because it does not get an electric supply. If the split AC breaks its overload, then the AC will not cool down. When the outdoor unit is working, only the condenser fan rotates while the compressor does not work. To overcome this, it is necessary to replace the overload so that the compressor can work again.

Overload Short

Overload short is a condition where platinum/bimetal is no longer functioning and is connected so that the compressor will get electricity even if it is in a state of overload, unstable electricity or excessive heat.

AC is Not Cold, Compressor is Not Running

How to check overload

Check for overload using a multimeter, either analog or digital. The image above shows the overload measurement. The same can be done for different types of overloads. The inspection steps are: The inspection steps are:

- Turn the multimeter selector on ohms

- Connect the two multimeter probes to both overload connectors

- If there is no obstacle, then the overload is broken

- Then heat the overload. Can use solder

- If the overload temperature has reached 150oC then measured

- If there are still obstacles, then overload short

The way to check when the system is working is to check the voltage at point a and point b. If the split AC condenser fan is spinning then check the voltage. If at point a there is a voltage of 220V while point b there is no voltage, it means that the overload is damaged.

AC is Not Cold, Compressor is Not Running

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