The split ac unit consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Inside the indoor unit and outdoor unit there are electrical components and electronic components contained in the control unit (module). Broadly speaking, the electrical diagram of the split AC indoor unit can be seen in the picture below.

As for the split ac outdoor unit, the electrical diagram is shown in the figure below.

For electrical images the control unit (module) is shown in the figure below.

Name description of electrical components split control unit (module):
1.       Motor blower
2.       Swing / Louver
3.       Thermistor (room temperature sensor)
4.       Thermistor (pipe temperature sensor)
5.       220 VAC voltage source connector
6.       Connector to the outdoor unit
7.       Capacitor blower
8.       Triac
9.       Buzzer
10.  Optocoupler
11.  Switch (manually on off)
12.  Fuse
13.  Indicator lights
14.  Remote receiver
15.  12V switching regulator

At the bottom of the control unit there are several components as shown below.

Name of electrical components name of the ac control unit (module) split back:
1.       Microcontroller
2.       Driver / buffer
3.       Diode bridge (bridge diode)
4.       Regulator IC 7805

The electricity diagram for the indoor unit and outdoor unit as a whole is shown in the figure below.

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