Signs and Characteristics of Damaged Capacitors

Signs and Characteristics of Damaged Capacitors; The capacitor (capacitor) is one of the electrical components in the home AC unit / AC Split which functions to help the electric motor rotate. The capacitor located in the indoor unit is the blower capacitor found on the PCB or AC module. This time we will discuss the characteristics of capacitor damage in the split ac outdoor unit.

In the outdoor unit there are two capacitors. One capacitor that has a smaller shape / size for the fan motor / condenser fan and another that has a larger shape / size for the compressor motor. Capacitors for condenser fans are between 1.5 uF to 4 uF depending on the size of the condenser fan motor. As for the capacitor for the compressor, the size of the capacitor depends on the AC used, whether 0.5 PK, 1 PK, 1.5 PK, or 2 PK can be seen in the table.

Damage to capacitor components can be caused by the age factor or from product defects, or due to excessive heat. Damage to the capacitor can be seen from the physical form of the capacitor itself. Damaged capacitors have physical characteristics that bulge, release oil, and burst/explode.

Following are the characteristics of a damaged compressor capacitor after the AC unit is turned on:

ü  When the outdoor unit is on (the outdoor fan is running), the compressor will vibrate and there will be a buzzing sound.

ü  About three to five seconds later, the vibration and hum of the compressor will stop.

ü  After waiting a while, the compressor will vibrate and buzz like the start. And so on.

The following are the characteristics of a damaged condenser fan capacitor after the AC unit is turned on:

Ø  When the outdoor unit is running (the outdoor fan is running and the compressor is running), the condenser fan is running slowly.

Ø  If the damage is severe enough, the condenser fan will not rotate at all.

If the capacitor is damaged and left alone, then the compressor or condenser fan will burn/damage. To fix it, you can contact an experienced service center. But we can try to fix it yourself by replacing the capacitor with the same size.

Sometimes damaged capacitors have no physical characteristics. In situations like this, we have to use a special measuring instrument to measure the capacity of the capacitor, namely the capacitance meter or we can use a digital multimeter that has a capacitor measurement facility. If using an analog multimeter, the capacity of the capacitor cannot be seen.

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