How to Use Tube Cutter

How to Use Tube Cutter; Tube Cutter is one of the equipment that must exist in the cooling system piping work. As the name implies, tube cutters are used to cut pipes, especially copper pipes commonly used in cooling systems. There are various shapes and sizes of tube cutters. Here are some forms of tube cutter.

How to Use Tube Cutter

How to Use Tube Cutter

How to Use Tube Cutter

The pipe cutter has a round, sharp blade. The blade can rotate on its axis. On the other side is equipped with two rollers to hold / hold the pipe to be cut. The roller can also rotate, making it easier to cut pipes.

The roller on the pipe cutter is grooved. The end of the pipe that has been developed (flare) can fit into the groove. The cutting blade can precisely cut the pipe behind the developed. So no pipe is wasted, only part of it has been developed.

Pipe cutters equipped with reamer blades and a file can be used at any time after the pipe has been cut. Pipe cutters must be stored properly. Care must be taken not to fall or just throw it, the knife can break. Partially broken blades can no longer cut properly, sometimes even threading the pipe.

How to Use Tube Cutter

How to use tube cutter

1.    Turn the knob until the pipe can fit between the rollers with the cutting knife.

2.    Insert the pipe and stick it between the two rollers

3.    Turn the knob to slightly press the pipe. Don't put too much pressure on it.

4.    Hold the pipe and then turn the tube cutter up to two turns.

5.    Turn the knob again until it slightly presses the pipe then turn the cutter tube again.

6.    Repeat until the pipe is cut.

If when turning the knob too much pressure on the pipe, then the cut pipe will bend inward. Therefore, turning the knob do not turn too much. The bend at the end of the pipe can be removed by using a reamer. So pipe cutting work will be one package with pipe reamer. After the pipe is cut, it must be reamered.

How to Use Tube Cutter

Curvature on the inside of the pipe during the cutting process can cause injury to the flaring tool or swagging tool.

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